stephan graff

Stéphan GRAFF
Stephan Graff: Plastician artist, was born in 1970 in Strasbourg, France. He grew up in a small town called “Neuwiller les Saverne”, located in the Hanau Lichtemberg county, in the Northern part of the Vosges. This Alsacien enjoys working with different materials; he has created numerous models, drawings, and paintings since his childhood. In 1993, he decided to move to the United States of America, and set up his work studio in Oakland, California. During these seven years he was working in a restaurant as a waiter and he occasionally travelled throughout the North American continent. The artwork created in that period was influenced by the discovery of that new world.... This is also where he managed to organize a Smashing Party every year, keeping in mind the idea of creating with materials that were considered as “trash” in the first place.
Straight out of his imagination or from the heart of his reality, the subjects are a mosaic of lives, dreams, and trips. They are representing mystical or futuristic places, café sceneries, and characters.
He has been living in Vienna, Austria, since September 2002, and is thinking about throwing another Smashing Party like he did in the USA and France.

My work in Vienna 2007-2008